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Our first destination back in Spain was Santiago de Compostella.  Because we couldn,t find a campsite, we camped near a remote little chappel. It was a quiet night as graveyards tend to be :-)
Nowadays the Jacobstrail to Santiago the Compostella is mainly a find yourself hike than a religiously based pilgrimage. We saw some pilgrims on the way to Santiago.
Arriving there, we visited the cathedral that contained the tomb with the remains of the apostel Jacob. Part of the pilgrimage is the hugging of a 13th century wooden statue of Jacob. Sophie's Maria kept on glowing...
In town hung a very special atmosphere of pilgrims meeting up with each other again in the medieval little streets full of religious elements.

We continued to drive along the Costa de Morte, a rough and rocky coast that is dangerous for ships because of the many underwater rocks. While walking the dogs in the morning I saw a group of about 50 dolfins passing the bay, tumbling through the waves.
We continued with a marvelous tour along the rough and rocky coast with pristine beaches every few kilometer.  This area is known for its rough weather as well so that must be the reason why it is pretty unspoilt here. We are lucky having a good portion of sunshine, little wind and nice temperatures.
The little harbour villages with the wooden houses painted red an blue, give the area a scandinavian characture. 
Evenings we arrived at Capo de Fisterra, a surreal landend surrounded by sea. This place is the end of the pilgrimage to Santiago. People are said to burn their socks and shirts here. Along the way we saw a pair of abandoned shoes. We spent the night at a beautiful camping spot on the ridge of the landend.
The next morning we woke up in the middle of a cloud that blew over the cliff. After looking at the map we realized we had several kilometers to drive... Sophie's wish was a picknick on the beach so we searched for the best beach and found a 7 km! snow white sand beach with a caribbian tuquise shore and deep blue sea.
During the girls' afternoon sleep we drove to Frouxeira where we again found a wonderful place to spent the night; at a little private beach in the middle of the dunes. The kids could play at the beach, the dogs had space and later in the evening only a fisherman passed by. The north of Spain sometimes reminded us of Chile in South America.

On our way to Cudillero we stopped to visit the Praia as Catedrais. This spectular sandy stretch is home to awesome Gothic-looking rock arches we could walk around, underneath and through because of the low tide.

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Alina said...
Liebe Sophie, vielen Dank für deine Karte. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut! Eigentlich wollte ich dir auch eine Karte schreiben, aber meinen Mama hat gesagt, dass sie keine Adresse von dir hat, an die wir die Karte schicken können. Du bekommst trotzdem eine von mir. Die schicke ich aber zu dir nach Hause. Da kommt sie auch an.
June 17, 2012 13:17:43
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