Posted By Dorrit, Coen, Sophie, Marlies & Leonie

on our way to Tanger, where we would take the ferry  back to Spain, we wanted to spent one day in the village Asilah. Because there was no campsite, for the night we parked in the local harbour. It turned out to be a non- stop audience of basket- and cookies sellers and men selling corals, hats and other stuff. Moroccan families passed to have a look at the parked european "motorhomes" and behind our car dromedares were waiting for customers. But to our surprise it was a quiet night.
The next day we visited Asilah, a  beautiful fortified city of Portuguese origen with white and blue houses and a variety of shops and market stalls.
As we arrived in Tanger the same day, we took a taxi into town. We wanted to get one last taste of the real Morocco so we went to the medina and walked through the souqs and bought some last souvenirs. 
Next morning, we went to the harbour in order to check in for embarkment. Some drug addicted boys of maximum 11 or 12 years old begged and stared out of their empty and hollow eyes and did not even seem to notice the food we gave them. The guards chased them away by throwing stones at them as if they were dogs. 

This is how we left Morocco. All in all it was a very unique and impressive experience for us. After 1 month, we are also looking forward to the somewhat easier, cleaner and more relaxed way of camping in Europe. Sophie is looking forward to the beach.
We entered Spain in the pouring rain so after a fast visit to Sevilla (same campsite, same tapas restaurant ;-) we quickly headed for Portugal. 

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emilia said...
HAllo Sophie, danke für deine Karte. wie war es in der WÜste? Hast du einen Löwen gesehen? warst du auch schon im Meer? hast du noch viele Prinzesinnenkleider gekauft? gestern war Vatertag im Kindergarten. es hat leider immer wieder geregnet. wir mussten tannenzapfen ausgraben, nüsse knacken mit dem hammer, indianerkrone basteln und als schatz gab es bunte glitzersteine! ich kann jetzt fahrrad fahren. mama muß nciht mehr festhalten. heute bin ich um den baggersee gefahren mit dem fahrrad. da haben wir kaulquappen gesehen und eine entenmama mt babyenten, die ganz jung waren. fünf kleine enten. die waren süß! wir sind viel im garten. levy ist auch oft da, dass macht viel spaß auch wenn er mich oft ärgert. komm bald wieder! viel spaß in portugal deine freundin Emilia
May 6, 2012 21:01:25
mawil said...
Terug in europa... Valt het weer inmiddels wat mee en kunnen de meisjes al op het -wat schonere- strand spelen? Hoe was Cadiz? Tot skype, xxxx
May 2, 2012 09:52:52
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