Posted By Dorrit, Coen, Sophie, Marlies & Leonie

after the sand storm night everything inside and outside the van was covered with a thin sand film.
It was long driving day through an endless sand storm with several sand dunes on the road. We drove through a wonderful barren landscape with middle high mountains in black and red colors, a camel was breastfeeding her baby when we passed. The road climbed steep uphill with beautiful views on the oases until we reached the Todra gorge.

In a small roadside shop I bought some essentials like veggies, fruit, water and eggs for a price you dont get a coffee for at home and had a nice chat with the owner. It it so nice most of the Maroccans speak French and everybody is in for small talk. We had a resting day and since there was a decent washing machine at last, Dorrit did a washing marathon. The next day we visited the gorge. As we got deeper into the gorge with its high walls, it got narrower and narrower. The narrowest point is only 10 meters broad. Local people were washing, picknicking and relaxing in the river below. Some souvenir sellers tried to sell handycraft and Sophie bought a necklace with purple stones. Later that day back in the van, she offered us one of her toys for only 30 dirham...
We spent the night on a very beautiful campsite between palm trees in the middle of the oasis. The owner gave us a bunch of nice fresh mint leaves from his garden so we could brew several pots of Flamumten tea as Sophie calls it.
Next moring we started driving the Kasbah Street to Skoura. We passed several kasbahs (medieval mud fortress or castle) in the little villages on this valley of a thousand kasbahs. Some are gorgeous, some are not more than ruins. Old peugeots, little fruit-and vegetable markets and sleepy Morrocans under palm trees in the hot afternoon gave us the feeling of being in the middle of a movie. Only the crazy drivers pull you out of that dream. May the flies of a thousand camels infest their crotch and may their arms be too short to scratch. This Moroccan curse I read on a wall somewhere :-)
We visited an old kasbah with nice views over the oasis of Skoura on one side and snowy peaks of the High Atlas on the other.
As she starts crawling now, in the afternoon Marlies played on the huge plastic carpet we bought for this purpose.

In the afternoon we drove to the city of Ouarzazate, here we visited the two most impressive kasbah cities. These are castles on top of a hill surrounded by a village with litlle narrow streets. Movies like Jewel of the Nile, the Gladiator and Jesus of Nazareth were filmed here. While strolling around in the still populated, 11th century cities, we felt like being in one of these movies.
The last night of this fantastic southern part of Morocco we spent on a deserted, hot and rocky campsite. Evenings when I walked on my slippers towards the water place, a warm breeze blew through my hair. From a distance I saw Sophie and Marlies playing while the sun was going down behind the high Atlas mountains, throwing and orange glow over the area, it was just perfect and I felt happy and grateful.
Next morning we started early in the moring in order to cross the Tizi Tichka pass (2260 m) that connects the pre- saharian oases with Marrakesh. After this scenic, steep and adventerous route we look forward to what Marrakesh has in store for us.


2 Comment(s):
moppel said...
so you are enjoying your trip as w whole family ... greetings to (sunny?) marakech out of cloudy vancouver, so to say: greetings from amerika to africa. ralf
April 24, 2012 23:47:28
mawil said...
Wat een voorrecht om zulke herinneringen te mogen ervaren en vasthouden... Wel altijd blij dat we dit allemaal lezen als jullie al weer veilig zijn aangekomen op de volgende bestemming. Hopelijk zien we Marlies via Skype kruipen, het gaat allemaal zo snel. Van wie heeft Sophie die handelsgeest? xxxx
April 23, 2012 09:19:14
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