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Posted By Dorrit, Coen, Sophie, Marlies & Leonie

Welcome to our Blog about our trip from Germany to Morocco and back.

July 2012 - We crossed the border to Germany at nearly the same spot we had 5 months ago started from. We celebrated our "return" and the 10.000 accident-free kilometers with some nice German coffee and cakes.
Than we continued driving to Switserland to attend the wedding of our friends Adi and Corinne. They and their relatives and friends really did an amazing job with organizing this wedding. South of Basel in a medieval fort on top of a hill, surrounded by forest, the wedding was medieval style. All guests were dressed medieval, there were medieval games and the atmosphere was just perfect.

We were dressed as Sultan Hassan al Mansour al Djabi and his harem, dressed with the clothes we had bought in Morocco. Sophie danced until 12:15 in the night...

After this weekend in Basel we drove to Holland pretty quickly. We wanted to spend some time in Holland to see family and friends. As we normally only have time to spend the weekends with our relatives, we now wanted to give the kids some cows, windmills, cheese and wooded clogs.
The first week in Holland we spent with our relatives, the second week we had booked a small campsite on a running farm near Alkmaar with 100 cows, sheep, goats and many other animals right in the middle of a Dutch polder area, surrounded by chewing cows.

As we wanted to enjoy some real Holland, we visited Hoorn, Volendam and soms other picturesque places. We even went to the traditional cheese market in Alkmaar. Afternoons we could watch the cows being milked and Sophie could help the farmer feeding the lams, goats, rabbits and chicken while I cooked Dutch food. And again, the weather was just perfect! But 2 weeks weren't enough. We extended our stay in the Netherlands for another week in Limburg, near the three-country corner; Holland, Belgium, Germany. This farmer campsite was occupied by Dutch families with lots of children so Sophie and Marlies could play as much as they wanted. But not only the playground was very complete, there were many animals to pet as well. Furthermore we did some daytrips to Maastricht and Valkenburg and enjoyed our last days in the Netherlands.

But all good things come to an end...
We actually wanted to spend one more week on a German campsite near Koblenz. But as it had started raining and the weather forecast was better for Karlsruhe, we decided to drive home and spend one extra week at our own home-campsite.
We arrived at our house late in the evening, drove up the driveway and slept our last night in the van. For all of us this was strange moment...
But what a wonderful tour it has been and how well everything went; no severe illnesses, no accidents, no car breakdowns, no big problems.
Just a great time. How lucky we are!




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